Reservations that are cancelled more than two weeks prior to your stay, will receive a 90% refund. Cancellations less than two weeks, but more than three days prior to the reservation will receive a 50% refund. There is no refund for cancellations less than 72 hours prior to the stay. In the event that you leave the cabin early, we cannot give any type of refund. There are no cancellations due to iinclement weather.

You give us the right to charge your credit card for any damages or excessive cleaning from your stay. If you notice any problems upon checking in, please report the damge to us right away so you can avoid any charges to your credit card from said damages.

Occasionally appliances, hot tubs, fireplaces, etc… may malfunction from time to time. We will service and restorethese amenities as quickly as we can, but will not make any rental concession for time without these items. Likewise, loss of electricity, water, or other “Acts of God” that are outside of our control will not result in a refund of any monies paid. Due to cleaning and servicing, hot tubs are sometimes not up to full temperature at the time of check in and may need several hours to heat. We ask that you follow all rules and policies regarding use of amenities in order to keep them functioning at top efficiency. Failure to do so may result in damage or excessive cleaning charges.